Terms & Conditions

Dear Community,


We are just starting in this 2020 and doing our best effort to share light with you in the most sustainable way. We would love to hear your feedback on amencandles@amencandles.fr and here is our suggestions for now:

h o w  t o  s h o p  a s  s u s t a i n a b l e  a s  p o s s i b l e ?


i ) first of all check our CONSCIOUS PARTNER STORES and see if you can Support Boutiques and buy locally, feel the fragrances and be as carbon efficient as possible.


ii ) if there is not a local partner store, we recommend worldwide shipping with MATCHESFASHION on this link


iii) we do not recommend our website for shopping for the moment, as our Shippings are done only Monday and Wednesdays for orders received the day before and we can not accept returns at the moment. We will improve soon, for the moment we recommend worldwide shipping with MATCHESFASHION on this link