7 fragrances for the 7 chakras explained by Dr. Simrat Kaur


Energy is the flow of life. Every form of life has an energetic configuration for the circulation of life. Our internal engineering has organizational energy centers that we call chakras, that in an interdependent and interrelated way sustain, qualify, provide, expand, coordinate and integrate the flow of energy in our holistic body-mind-soul system.


The word Chakra derives from Sanskrit and means wheel or circle in motion, we have 7 main energetic vortexes. Each chakra is related to a gland and a plexus of nerves, allowing the integration of our essence with experience, translating from the energy field to the body / mind system and from this to the energy field.


Each chakra holds a potential to be awakened with a specific quality for our human evolutionary and experiential journey, which influences and brings life to a different aspect of our being, attuning us to a frequency prism to experience the relationships within ourselves, between us and with the world. As they are perceptive frequencies, each chakra can be expanded and balanced through our senses, through sensorial stimuli such as essencial oils and candles.


Starting from the bottom to the top, the first candle is VETIVER which awakens the root chakra to feel grounded and calm, the second is SANTALWOOD for the sacral chakra that regulates the creative and sensual self, GINGER to boost vitality on the solar plexus, ROSES to open our compassive and generous hearts and celebrate love daily, EUCALYPTUS for the throat chakra and to express our voice with authenticity and truth, JAZMIN to awaken the intuition and open new perspectives in the third eye, and the seventh is LAVANDA for the crown chakra, good for relaxing and meditation, connecting Us beyond limits.


Carolina Presotto, M.D.

Founder of Medicina da Consciencia


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