A M E N  L I G H T   S C U L P T U R E S : In collaboration with Sculptor Katharina Kaminski, AMEN created two sculptures: Hikari and Philo, and a new 375g Luz Candle. While the sculptures and Luz Candles can be purchased separately, the Luz Candle has been designed to be purchased together and fit inside the nest of the sculptures, so the sculpture becomes a light sculpture, a Luminous Being.

A M E N  P I C A S S O : In collaboration with Diana W. Picasso and the Picasso Museum Paris the limited edition connects paintings and scents inspired on a love letter written in 1927 from Pablo Picasso and memories. The Amen Picasso encased in a mushrooms carbon negative packaging continues to share Amen mission of sustainability for a world without plastics at Museums around the world like The Metropolitan Museum in New York, LACMA in Los Angeles, Picasso Museum Paris, Picasso Museum Barcelona, Picasso Museum Barcelona among many others.

A M E N  C H A K R A S : 7 scented candles for 7 chakras encased in a mushrooms carbon negative packaging that is our manifesto to share a world without plastics is possible.