Dr. Simrat Kaur : What chakra are you working on now?

7 scents, 7 chakras, 7 collabs

Λ M E N is a first-in-kind sustainable high-end design candle brand handmade in Grasse, the world capital of perfumery, from natural vegan oil wax. For our inaugural capsule, we partnered with top Yoga Meccas and Gurus around the world to create 7 scents for 7 chakras to help align our chakras for a balanced body, mind and soul.

Dr. Carol Pressotto [SIMRAT KAUR] is a Medicine-Doctor-turned-Kundalini-Master with a new integrative look at health and healing through Kundalini yoga, meditation, integrative medicine, and holistic therapies. She is the Founder of "MEDICINE of the CONSCIUSNESS", a calm temple located in Rio de Janeiro's beachfront neighbourhoodl Leblonm, and with whom we started this alchemy journey of aromatherapy that resulted in 7 fragrances for 7 chakras:

“ΛMEN is an aquarian story. A collab of lighthouses around the world with no frontiers or landmarks, only one vibration. We know that we are all connected and our actions impact the whole and AMEN is  sustainable in its footprints and enlightenment is its statement. Through the senses, we can access the creation’s force and nurture ourselves with its therapeutic properties.Vetiver Candle is the ground to be found, This ancient essence of healing involves you in the lap of mother Earth and in this meditative embrace of peace and tranquility you can blossom you fullest potential and find your light, illuminate us all.”



c r o w n : L A V A N D A

fosters calmness and peace of mind to arise during sleep and meditation transcend to our highest self,

CALMNESS,  REDUCE ANXIETY : Where do you find light every day?

t h i r d  e y e : J A Z M I N

the divine aroma can lull us into states  of heightened spiritual consciousness  

and  trascend to our highest  self

INTUITION : Follow your third eye

t h r o a t : E U C A L Y P T U S

Fresh, strengthen our immune systems opens our inner space, and frees ourselves to express our truth

COMMUNICATION, FREEDOM, INMUNE SYSTEM: our truth is beautiful. Speak your truth

h e a r t : R O S E S

vibrates at 320hz which is the  highest frequency of all flowers and it is the frequency of love 

LOVE, TUNE IN THE FREQUENCY OF LOVE: How are you going to celebrate love today?

s o l a r : G I N G E R

empower your power, boosting  your confidence, motivation and vitality in your intentions


s a c r a l : S A N T A L W O O D

deepens the sensations, the sensual self, awakens creativity, pleasure and passion, to feel life to its plenitude

SENSUALITY, CREATIVITY, LIBIDO :  What awakens your passion?

r o o t : V E T I V E R

aphrodisiac, grounding, calming, balancing, strengthening 

BALANCE, STRENGTHEN : What makes you be you?