a m e n is a story about how beings find light within every day in their own way.


Λ M E N is a first-in-kind sustainable high-end design candle brand hand made in Grasse, the world capital of perfumery, from natural vegetal oil wax. For our inaugural LIMITED EDITION COLLECTION, we partnered with top Yoga Meccas and Gurus around the world to create 7 fragrances for 7 chakras to help align our chakras for a balanced body, mind and soul.


Explore the collection 7 chakras : 7 fragrances

why amen is sustainable and ecoconscious?

The creation process of Λ M E N follows the #ASAP sustainability principles (As.Sustainable.As.Possible) guided by Instituto- E, a non-profit organisation based in Brazil that encourages sustainability, with projects including the development of socially and enviromentally friendly materials since its foundation in the 80’s by sustainability pioneer Oskar Metsavaht.

Λ M E N capsule editions are 100% natural vegan wax with no GMO, and the whole chain of creation and production follows the highest sustainability standards:

  • free of paraffin 
  • 100% natural vegetal wax 
  • amen mycelium: negative carbon footprint packaging made of mushroom and agricultural waste
  • biodegradable packaging
  • 200 grs. 
  • 50 hs. burn time 
  • eco-friendly reusable white porcelain jar from Limoge, France 
  • 100% recyclable packaging and CERO plastic packaging or in the process
  • hand made in Grasse, France 

Additionally, we are innovating with the greenest and cleanest packaging method imaginable on the planet, a CO2 negative Mycellium solution of mushrooms, sorry but please allow us repeat, CO2 negative packaging for candle. Our packaging is “grown” around a week using local agricultural waste, a little water and mycelium that binds it all together. You can use it as box after or of course as compostable, can be used as fertilizer for our surroundings. Just break the product in pieces and let the composting process go on.

EBEN BAYER, Scientist, Enviromentalist, inventor of Mycelium Fungi technology: "Mycelium is an amazing material, because it's a self-assembling material. It actually takes things we would consider waste and can transform them into almost any shape,” explained at TED Talk (link here).